Sunday, October 13th, 2019
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Convention Rules


All Kisetsucon attendees must obey all local, state, and federal laws.

Any behavior that disrupts the family-friendly environment of the event will be handled at the discretion of Kisetsucon Staff. Consequences may range from warnings to ejection from the convention. Any behavior that threatens the safety of another person will be handled by local police and may result in criminal charges.

Kisetsucon is not responsible for any lost, missing, or damaged items.

Attendees are expected to follow the instructions of Kisetsucon Staff and Volunteers.

No advertising or soliciting towards attendees will be allowed for anything outside of the convention, unless proper authorization was given by Kisetsucon Staff.

Kisetsucon Staff have final say on any rule violations.

Refunds & Transfers

There will be no refunds for any registration. No exceptions.

Badge transferring is possible through the ticket management that we are using. Follow the links in the emails to transfer badges.

Kisetsucon does not condone and will not be responsible for any third-party exchanges.

Restricted Items

Smoking is permitted outside of the Holiday Inn, but nowhere inside the building.

Outside food and drink are not allowed within the Holiday Inn.

Food may not be sold or given away at the convention. Anyone found doing this will have the items confiscated and given a warning. This is to protect convention attendees as well as a Holiday Inn rule.

Age Requirements

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. An adult is considered to be someone 18 years of age or older.

Kisetsucon Staff and Volunteers cannot help locate any lost children.

Some panels and events may be restricted to attendees ages 18 or older at the time of the convention. To gain entry to these events, please have valid photo ID with date of birth.

Entry & Rooms

To gain entry into Kisetsucon, attendees are required to have their badges worn and easily visible. A Kisetsucon Staff or Volunteer member will be checking badges at the entrance to the event as well as periodically roaming the halls. If you do not have a badge for any reason, you will be directed to a location where you can obtain one.

Attendees will not be allowed into an event room until the scheduled time of the event.

No attendees will be allowed in a room once capacity has been reached. If an attendee needs to leave a room which is already full, they may not re-enter the room.

All rooms will be cleared after each event. Attendees may not wait in a room after an event has ended.

There is no reserved or saved seating for attendees in any room at the convention. Seating may be desginated for those with disabilities.


Attendees may not start lining up more 30 minutes before an event. Kisetsucon Staff and Volunteers will break up and reform the lines at their discretion.

There is no sitting in walkways or stairs.

If you leave a line, you must re-enter at the back of the line.

You may not save a spot for a friend or group. Violaters will be sent to the end of the line.

Lines are single-file only. No large groups may stand together in line. Lines will be in hallways, which must stay clear for regular traffic flow and in the event of an emergency.

Kisetsucon Staff reserves the right to make on-site decisions about lines and events in order to accomodate the specific location at that specific time.

Photography & Video

All Kisetsucon attendees grant permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized members of the Kisetsucon Staff for promotional and archival purposes.

Attendees may photograph or video record events at Kisetsucon unless otherwise directed at specific events or panels.

Is it common courtesy to ask for permission before taking photos and/or videos of other attendees.
Especially so with attendees in cosplay. Remember, Cosplay is not Consent.

Cosplay Rules

Costume Rules

All costumes must fall in a PG-13 rating. Kisetsucon Staff may determine if a costume is appropriate for the convention. If your costume does not meet the convention rules or is deemed inappropriate by Kisetsucon staff, you will be asked to cover up your costume or change into a different outfit.

If your view is obstructed, please have a guide to direct you. Full face masks/headwear must be easily removable.

If you and your costume require more than one seat in any event or panel or obstructs the view of any other attendee, Kisetsucon Staff may designate seating for you that causes the least disruption.

If you wish to take part in the Cosplay Contest, in addition to the guidelines, you must adhere to the Kisetsucon Cosplay Contest Rules.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Costume Guidelines

The following guidelines must be observed:

  • No excessive nudity
  • Costumes may not have exposed hard materials, including, but not limited to, metal and wood
  • No sharp edges or points
  • No free floating chains or trains more than a foot long
  • Costume must be able to fit through a door of standard height and width
  • No part of your costume should obstruct the path of another attendee
Prop Rules

The following props are not allowed in the convention. Any violations will results in attendees being told to put away said props to their vehicles or confiscation by Kisetsucon staff until the end of the event. Repeated violations by attendees will result in confiscation by Kisetsucon staff and possible ejection from the convention.

  • Guns or props that fire objects
    • Exception: Guns such as NERF blasters must not be loaded and have a distinctive orange tip
  • Live steel weapons with edges, such as knives or swords
  • Spray weapons, such as mace
  • Projectile weapons, such as bows, slingshots, airsoft, or BB guns
    • Exception: Stringed weapons are allowed as long as they do not have the string on them
  • Live flame, flash paper, sparkler, or strobes
  • Electric weapons, such as tasers or cattle prods
  • Aerial acrobatics
  • Live animals
  • Messy props, such as confetti, flowers, food, or liquid
  • Remote control devices
  • Signs soliciting goods and/or services, such as "Free Hugs"