Sunday, October 13th, 2019
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We would like to welcome our first cosplay guest, HikikoMuri!

HikikoMuri (formerly Akuriko) is a veteran cosplayer of 13 years, best known for her Zelda cosplays. She is craftsmanship-focused, particularly on sewing and fabric manipulation. She has been featured in Nintendo Power Magazine twice for her Zelda cosplays, won Best Journeyman at OhayoCon 2010 for her Twilight Princess Zelda cosplay, won second place in the TwitchCon 2017 Cosplay Contest for her A Link to the Past Princess Zelda cosplay, and judged the contest in 2018.

In addition to cosplay, she is also a musician, playing mainly piano and pedal harp. You can find her streaming costume work at least once or twice a week on her Twitch channel, where she gives detailed explanations of her processes and teaches a little Japanese during her Tea Time break segment.

Instagram: @hikikomuri
Facebook: @HikikoMuri