Sunday, October 13th, 2019
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Get your penlights ready as we’re proud to announce AniParty at Kisetsucon 2019! 🎵

AniParty is the premier U.S. anime song (anisong) DJ club event which draws influence from the “anikura” subculture of music nightclub event, popularized in Tokyo, Japan. Majority of the music played will be centered around anime songs, J-Pop, and J-Idol music. Anikura has seen a massive surge in popularity over the recent years.
The goal of AniParty is to create an authentic, faithful anikura experience for North American fans.

We will be hosting DJ APPARE and DJ Dekimasen. They will be doing a 1-hour set each throughout the day.

FB, Twitter, Instagram: anisongparty

Twitter: @happydaikon
Soundcloud: appare

DJ Dekimasen
Twitter: @tsuimonster
Soundcloud: dekimasen