Sunday, October 13th, 2019
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In August 2018, a group of local event organizers, community members, and friends, who came together to form an organization, Kisetsucon, Inc.

Kisetsucon, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with the mission of promoting and spreading Asian culture to residents of western New York through the use of media and events.

The event, Kisetsucon, is the organization’s large annual Asian pop-culture convention, celebrating the communities of subjects including, but not limited to, anime, cosplay, and gaming.

Meet the Staff

Joe - Con Chair

Joe is the mastermind behind Kisetsucon. He has been a part of the cosplay community since 2014, with his roots being in cosplay photography. During his time at RIT, he was a Tora-Con staff member from 2015 to 2016 and later went on to be head of RIT Cosplay Troupe's Cosplay Snow Festivals in 2016 and 2017. With ample experience and a desire to bring more to the people of our region, Kisetsucon was born!

Brandon - Vice Con Chair

Brandon has been an active member of the Rochester cosplay community since 2010. You probably know him from Tora-Con's Cosplay Chess Match; he's is veteran performer and organizer for the show! He was also heavily involved with RIT Cosplay Troupe, where he started the Cosplay Snow Festival and Spring Formal. Since then, he's founded several local events such as Reiyacon, Rochester Otaku Festival, and Cosplay Ithaca. In his free time, he enjoys directing and videography, as well as traveling and attending other conventions.

Sara - Head of Cosplay

Sara is a 15 year veteran of the cosplay community and has been competing in, and judging cosplay competitions across the country for the last decade. In addition to sewing, armorsmithing, and prop-making she is hopelessly obsessed with Macross and the Fate series. Sara is very excited for all the cosplay related events Kisetsucon will be bringing to the area!

Sarah - Graphic Designer

Sarah is our graphic designer, so all the graphics you see for Kisetsucon are designed by her! She’s been cosplaying ( smzeldarules ) since 2006, and became more active in 2014 including judging costume contests and running instructive panels at local cons! She’s a Twitch Affiliate and a huge fan of retro & obscure JRPGs. She fangirls over Chrono Trigger, .hack, Drakengard/NieR, Final Fantasy, and Xenogears!

Katherine - Print/Event Coordinator

Katherine is our print specialist and one of our event coordinators! Going to cons since 2009 and cosplaying since 2010 as Zeylia Wing Cosplay, she’s been active in the cosplay community with a bunch of events. These include organizing Rochester’s International Cosplay Day Picnic (6 years), volunteering at Cosplay Snow Festival, being part of maid cafes, and recently founded the Asian Dance Showcase at Tora-Con! She has worked at several printing positions in college and retail where she has learned print and design. Loving Asian culture, cosplay, idols, and Kpop/Jpop dancing, she hopes to bring exciting events to you at Kisetsucon!

Allister - Panel Coordinator

Ryan - Panel Coordinator / Social Media Writer